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    Protection Natural Aromatherapy Essence Spray

    Protection Essence: protects from negative energy from others.  Natural Organic Essential oils of clove, lemon, rosemary, cinnamon and eucalyptus, crystal infusion in a distilled water base. 2 ounce non-breakable bottle with rhinestone accent. Made To Order!

    Other essences available upon request.  Prices may vary.

    To Use: Spray in an arc in the air around you to energize your aura or spray around a room of your home or office to renew the energy of yourself and space.  Sprays are not intended to be sprayed directly on your body.

    Note: This is not a medical prescription.  Contact your doctor if you have any health concerns.  If any skin irritation occurs please stop use immediately.  Please see the essential oils page for an explanation of origin and uses.


    Email: zmetaphysician@gmail.com