Paranormal Investigation


Zoe Ztarr & Associates believes this is an extremely private and personal matter. We believe and dedicate our services by 1st interviewing via phone or email before taking any case. We do not use any gadgets nor need to investigate at night. We are not frauds nor behave as on the current false TV shows presented to the public. 

Our team, has personal experience, with portals, demons, possession, as well as the spirits surrounding the environment. We are certified paranormal Investigators as well as working side by side with professional (old school), authors, television show, and radio hosts. 

Remember this is extremely dangerous territory. We do not take photos, videos, record, play, nor become friends with any these forces. This only invites more of these unwanted guests and life threatening forces that only suck and feed. Our goal is respect and determination of ridding, releasing, and removal is our primary purpose. Therefore restoring peace.

House Clearings Ghost Removal & Portal Closing
A House Clearing/ Portal Closing facilitates the removal of open doorways to negative spirits, unwanted ghosts, residual toxicity, and the possibility of  energy feeders on people and animals. This cleanses the structure of negativity and removal of negative forces. Followed by a blessing and protection. The process consists of a home visitation in which there is a diagnosis. This is determined via client intake information.
Demonic Extraction and Soul Retrieval
Traumatic life events and unknown phenomenon leave a person feeling powerless as parts of ones very soul becomes fragmented, this is demonic/dark entity possession to people that bring intrusive fear based negative energies, thus dis-empowering the person. Weakened spiritually, mentally, or physically. (basically defenseless). In Extraction & Retrieval, indigenous techniques are employed to remove the intrusive negative energies/entities. This brings peace, safety, protection therefore reclaiming ones life and soul. Which is inherently your birthright. This process consists of a home visitation in which there is a diagnosis. This is determined via client intake.
House Blessing
In a House Blessing, we will come to your home to remove any negative psychometric energies and bring your home to a state of neutrality, then bring in positive energies to fill your home and bless the envioronment. This is determined via client intake information

There is no initial fee and shall be a case by case, however we do consider using a sliding scale based upon income. Travel expenses may be incurred based upon location.