• #1 SELLER Custom Magical Locket of Chosen Spell Or Aromatherapy Vibration

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    Custom Magical Locket of Chosen Spell or Aromatherapy Vibration to One's Self Needed

    Top Left To Right

    1. Flower

    2. Garden

    3. Sunflower

    4. Wheel

    Bottom Left to Right

    5. Love

    6. Celtic

    7. Peace

    8. Bubble

    Spells: See picture 3, 4, 5, and 6 shows how the different spells may look.  All spells depending on what they are come in different colors, as well as a clear coating for protection of the magical mixtures.

    Aromatherapy: See picture 2. Small Pads for Aromatherapy are inserted inside, a small vile of natural therapeutic grade oil of preference is included. The Peace locket is not available.


    You can also use any of the examples listed below: (Or Create Your Own)

    • You are Light
    • You are Intuition
    • You are Power
    • You are Love
    • You are Prosperity
    • You are Protected
    • You are Free
    • You are Balance
    • You are Serenity

    Aromatherapy Examples

    • Healing
    • Prosperity
    • Love
    • Mind Body & Spirit
    • Calm
    • Protection
    • Happy
    • Worry Free
    • Confidence
    • De-Stress
    • Renew

    Pewter locket size is 1 1/2 by 1 1/2 

    Chain not included.


    Email: zmetaphysician@gmail.com