Please use the "Contact Us" page to enter the information needed to communicate with you.  Please start your message to me with "Schedule a 2 Hour Reading With Zoe", or "Hands on Healing".

As a metaphysical reader and practitioner, I am blessed with the ability to attain objectives or acquire wisdom using spiritual/intuitive means.  As a result, an individual can be transformed and enabled to achieve their highest desire, and or heal there energetic field of any issues.  In order for this to happen, the individual must be willing to look within, honestly, and believe in a higher consciousness greater than themselves to receive full benefits.

"Readings by Zoe",   After our initial consultation by phone and reading a prescription can be one of the following:  hand-crafted candles, prayer bags, herbs, oils and other items and instructions for the person to do themselves.  This prescription must be followed exactly as described and no procedures should be eliminated once given.

I follow up with a brief phone call to describe the block and what needs to be done in order for it to be released.

The prescription is then mailed via USPS and should arrive within 4 to 10 business days.

In approximately three weeks, during a brief scheduled follow-up phone call, we will discuss the changes that have occurred.

This reading/consultation and prescription is approximately a three hour process and is priced at $200.  This must be paid when scheduling the first appointment.  Please note that if a cancellation is made 48 hours or more prior to the appointment the fee will be returned.

If any other issues are present then the client will be on an hourly rate.

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"Hands on Healing with Zoe", are approximately 1 hour in length. The atmosphere is comfortable and safe. The individual is either seated or laying flat on the floor. I use hands on healing as well as different types of stone lay outs on the body and clear the energetic field of all negativity. These sessions can work with only one appointment but other sessions may be needed

I am not a fraudulent psychic.  You could pay a fee to a psychic (most of whom today use a computer program) to give a reading that tells you what you want to hear. Nor am I a fake healer, I have worked with many in the Bay Area for years that received the help they needed.  They will take your money and use your despair to prosper greedily, without any true care and respect for you.

After scheduling your appointment please go the store front on the home page and find "Readings with Zoe",  and or "Hands on Healing with Zoe".

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Zoe has helped me tremendously!  Such high positive energy that lights up any room she walks into!  Probably why I love her so much!  She really makes you get off your ass and change things. I feel blessed she walked into my life and store!

Angela Vannucci:

I've known Zoe for many years and have experienced and witnessed her extraordinary empathetic powers.  Sometimes it's disconcerting!  But, bless her, she has blossomed even more. Lately, I was having some difficulties with negative incidents in my life.Well, she sent me a special little bag and a was amazing, in a matter of days things changed 180 degrees!! Unbelievable, but I've experienced it and it's true!

Eva Strahl:

I've know Zoe Roxanne since grade school and she's always been a spiritual inspiration to me and has always had the intuition to foresee the future and feel the energy. I recently had her send me a prayer bag and candle because I felt I needed a man in my life. I followed Zoe Roxanne's directions and lit the candle .  Later that day my neighbor's son stuck his head over the fence and after talking awhile asked me out.  There were several other unusual encounters with men during that month.  Since then, she did another Prayer bag and candle and I closely followed her directions for prosperity.  Soon after I found money on the ground . Also, my phone keeps ringing with appointments at work, I've been busier then ever. Thank you Zoe Roxanne for all your positive energy sent my way!

Frieda Sarappo:

Hi Zoe!!!

I wanted to thank you for offering such amazing products! I recently purchased the Four Elements Prosperity charm and a few other products, however my review today is on the Prosperity Charm necklace. Everything in mine and husbands life was great from our children to our marriage and especially our sex ;) The only thing was missing was that extra spending money every month. I hated trying making ends meet!!! So I would meditate and put my energy into prosperity for years! BUT nothing!!! not until I received these beautiful charm did I see our finances shift from a negative to a positive at the end of each month!!!! So before I can say it was all because of this Charm I decided to what another month before writing this review...So YES!!!...our finances are looking great!!! My husband is receiving more and more clients and my little make-up business is taking off quicker then I expected!  Life is great and I'm so happy that I found this amazing Charm and site!!! I will also send you a review on the other purchases once I've had them for a few months :)

You are an awesome lady and I can't thank you enough!!!!