Mr. Saroppo

I can't thank you enough! I have to say that since we burned our candle, Positive events have followed! Call it coincidence, luck or whatever... I call it positive energy! Thank you again!

Kali Starkson

Zoe is a truly unique person that I have been overly blessed to meet. We shared the same adventures and she was super easy to relate to. I enjoyed my time speaking with her and am glad we had kept in touch. I came across a post on a candle she had made and was interested right away. After looking into it more I knew it was something I just had to have. My family has had numerous issues with a certain being so I had decided to purchase the 7 day hex breaking candle. Not only that, but Zoe personally helped me and guided me through other ways to go about my situation. Though this issue has not completely surpassed (which I was warned that I would need to do further repetitive actions due to the severity), I have noticed a drastic change in my family and our day to day life. Our luck has slowly been creeping back and we are all happy to be together once again. Zoe was kind enough to continue checking in on how the numerous processes were going and gave me lots of useful advice. I am amazed at her talents and loving nature and trust her unconditionally. I waited a bit to do this recommendation because there was certain things that played out unexpectedly and I wanted to see how it would turn out with advice and teachings she had previously given me. If you’re a skeptic, I commend you to try one of her products at least once before voicing a pessimistic opinion. Zoe is talented and powerful, and the only one I would trust doing something like this with my life. Words cannot express my gratitude towards her.

Much love to her, Kali

Kevin S. Gouveia

HI Zoe, I just wanted to say thank you for the AMAZING reading you did for me. You covered so many things about my life, goals and relationships and were right on target. I shared several of things things you revealed to me with my family members and they were also amazed at how accurate you were....our jaws literally dropped! You also shared a technique for clearing out some past issues and after I did it I saw immediate results. I didn't have any expectations about using this techinnique ... but ... BAMM ! I felt better immediately and experienced some major changes and events that directly related to your reading and your secret technique! Zoe Roxanne Ztarr Zmetaphysician you are truly a gifted healer and I'm glad to share you with my closest friends! ~ Kevin S. Gouveia

James Darnell

Recently as the Earth turned and revealed her beauty to the Sun and Moon I was blessed with the talents of Zoe Ztarr, she has changed my Earthly path. Zoe and her craft or work is AMA"Z"ING. Zoe learned of my existence and in no time MAGHIK happened. I have a fresh outlook and the tools to conquer anything. If you are seeking guidance and cleansing you will do it yourself with her amazing guidance, a great service to request of hers.